Thinking about life, love and marriage

Tonight, we took Derek’s grandparents out to dinner to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary. Now that is milestone. It got me thinking about where Derek and I will be in 61 years. Will we still live in Texas? How many grandchildren will we have? How many great-grandchildren??

While celebrating this impressive milestone, I can’t help but reflect on very sad news I heard from my sister, Kim. One of her friends, who was just married in January of this year, is now a widow. At 22 years old (or is she 23?). It is absolutely tragic that this girl lost her husband after a single month of marriage. My heart aches for her. I think of all the wonderful things that Derek and I have experienced in our 1.5 years of being man and wife (imagine what it will be like after 61 yrs!), and it makes me sad that she will miss out on that. So I hug Derek and Addy a little tighter and say a thankful prayer, because I am so blessed to have them.


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