Addy says Happy Valentine’s Day!

Me and my balloon, especially for the occasion!
Do I smile like this, Momma?
Happy baby!
Hm, what is this?
I don’t wear shoes very often…
This is why!
Here Momma, take a picture of my balloon. It’s my favorite.

Addy is too funny. After her “photoshoot”, I put her on a blanket on the floor so she could play as usual. Since she still refuses to crawl, we are trying to encourage her by putting her favorite toys just out of reach. She’s devised 2 very effective plans of attack when this happens. A) She’ll roll over, back and forth, changing her direction just slightly so that she’ll eventually get to said toy. or B) She’ll literally pull the blanket towards her so the toy moves too. Ha! She is too smart for her own good. I guess we’re going to have to put her on the bare carpet so she can’t pull anymore.


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