Sleep training, day 2

Derek is off at his weekly firefighting training, so it’s just me and Adelyn tonight.  Girls night! Although that means I get to listen to the crying all by myself… Yippee.

7:30 Dozed during her last feeding for the night, so I put her in her crib and she fell asleep easily.
7:42 Woke up crying, so Momma went in, comforted Addy with a kiss, pat, and “Momma loves you, goodnight baby!”.  Crying begins again as I leave the room.
7:46 Silence.  What?! Seriously???? Woo hoo!
7:50 I can hear her moving around in there, she’s not really asleep.
7:55 Sounds like she’s working herself up, not really full-out crying, but definitely not happy.
7:59 I think she’s asleep right now…
8:29 Still sleeping! She must have been one tired little bug.

Well, tonight hasn’t been too bad so far, but Momma needs a cookie. Or a cocktail.


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