I promise I haven’t forgotten about the blog! We don’t have internet or TV at our house yet (we have to wait until weds… Grrrr), so I’m updating by phone. It is very difficult using the little keypad, so this will be a short entry.  Things here are going well, we are slowly settling in, unpacking boxes, etc.  Addy is basically all better from her cold and ear infection (fun trip to the doctor on New Years day… More on that later…)  It’s freezing freezing freezing here!  Currently 25 degrees, feels like 12.  Brrrr. Perfect weather for staying in and drinking hot chocolate.  I guess that’s it for now. Sorry no pics, I guess you will just have to wait until Wednesday! Maybe I’ll put up some pics of the house too 🙂  Sorry, boring entry this time around. I will try to make the next post exciting and upbeat.  Ha!


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