Merry Christmas! 4 days late…

This should have been posted ages ago, but things have been a bit crazy around here.

First off, Merry Christmas to everyone! We hope it was as wonderful for y’all as it was for us. We spent Christmas with my family in Austin, and it was definitely a full house: my sisters came back home, my Grandma drove over from Tucson, AZ, and we had 3 extra pets in the house (2 cats and a dog). We had a lot of fun, chit chatting, playing cards, having a “poker night” where we all dress up as different characters (haha, it’s fun!)… It’s hard to believe how quickly it went by. Things have quieted down some, Kim has gone back to work and my Grandma is visiting more of our family up in Canada, so we’ve settled into the lull that comes between Christmas and New Years. Ahh, 2010 is right around the corner!!! Unbelievable.

Adelyn turned 7 months old on Christmas day, and what a Christmas it was for her. She sure is one lucky, spoiled little girl šŸ™‚ She received so many nice things – clothes, all sorts of toys, an engraved silver cup and porridge bowl… oh, and books! She has quite a nice collection of bedtime stories now. This makes us very happy! Thank you šŸ™‚

Despite the wonderful gifts, it was a rough Christmas for Addy. She’s been sick since Christmas eve. And I mean sick sick sick. She is so congested and miserable, it is the saddest thing. Luckily she’s still in pretty good spirits during the day when she’s playing, but she isn’t sleeping well because she can’t breathe, and she wakes up coughing and choking. I think she’s finally turning the corner now, although she still has a nasty cough. All I can say is I’m glad we made it to 7 months old before getting a cold like this. If she were any younger, it would have been unbearable. Poor girl.

It’s about time I post some photos too, but I have so many that I want to put up. I will try to limit myself so as not to bore everyone šŸ™‚

Early Christmas present – Pooh Bear Train!
Addy greeting Great Grandma Diane after her long drive from Tucson!
Addy and Auntie Kim
Ace, decked out in Christmas attire.
This is a grouchy Christmas Nova
Auntie Mikaela and Adelyn
Haha, poker night! (Back, L-R) We have a firefighter, a fisherman, a biker chick, a bushman, a nerd accountant, a hippie geologist and a trashman.
Sleeping angel after a nice long walk.
I love Christmas ornaments!
I like unwrapping presents too.
Christmas baby on Christmas eve!
Christmas baby!
Family šŸ™‚
Merrrrry Christmas! Christmas morning.
Addy and Daddy!
I help Daddy unwrap his presents!
I LOVE THIS FACE!!! This is her “OOh, I want that!” face.
I help Momma unwrap presents too.
I love toys!
Having a delicious Christmas breakfast.
Zivney family before Christmas dinner
Farrell and Zivney families before Christmas dinner
Adelyn says “I’mmmmm cute! The End!”

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