Trip to Florida

Okay, now that my thesis has been submitted (as of yesterday morning!), I can focus on fun things… like updating the blog!

Here are a bunch of photos from our trip to Florida to visit Derek’s family for Thanksgiving. It was Adelyn’s first plane ride, and she did great!! She slept almost the entire flight there, and when she woke up for the last half hour of the trip, she was busy making eyes at the 10 month old boy who was sitting across the aisle with his parents ::wink:: (haha!). It was a fantastic trip – we spent 5 days in Port St. Lucie with Gram Z, Pops and Auntie Lindsay. This was the first time we’d been to their house since it was built, so that was very exciting. Addy did so much while we were there: riding in the golf cart, checking out the wildlife (including fish, birds and alligators), watching Sandhill cranes come up to her, getting SOO much love and attention from her grandparents and auntie… she was definitely spoiled! By the time we got home, I think she was in attention-withdrawl 🙂

Arriving at the airport. So excited to see Gram Z and Pops!
Addy’s first time with a fish!
Doesn’t he look interesting??
Pops doing a little bit of fishing in the backyard.
Gorgeous backyard!
Alligator. Don’t get too close!
Airplane with Daddy.
Addy loves her Auntie Lindsay!
Now this is a sour-puss face! Just eating some peaches.
The high chair had wheels, so Daddy wheeled her around the kitchen like she was in a racecar. She loved it!
Zivney ladies, ready for a delicious Thanksgiving meal!
Gram Z and Adelyn
I think this is Addy’s favorite pose.
Addy and Pops
Aww, siblings!
Thanksgiving dinner group shot. Pops had to run fast to get in there!
She says “I’m #1!”
Daddy, Momma and Baby
We love kisses!
Having fun with Daddy!
Pouting a little bit…
MMMMM, fingers.

Dan and Nancy (Pops and Gram Z), enjoying having their family together for Thanksgiving!

Momma and Baby

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