This morning I put Addy down on a mat in the living room and went into the kitchen to get breakfast. When I looked back over, she had rolled over to the rocking chair (no big surprise there), and had grabbed one of Nova’s cat toys and was CHEWING on it. The same part of the toy that Nova chews on. Blagh. Yuck. Ew. Sick. I was grossed out. Addy didn’t seem to mind, I guess it was seasoned just right for her.

Adelyn has been getting really good at eating rice cereal now! She loves the apple and rice flavored cereal, and can put away a decent amount. As soon as I raise the spoon from the bowl, she opens her mouth expectantly, like “Would you hurry it up, Mother? I’ve got things I need to play with, stuff I need to chew on. C’mon, let’s speed this up.”

Pics from our walk yesterday. We stopped by the pool for a bit and I showed Addy the waterfall. She liked it.

Just chilling by the pool. Typical thing to do in November, right?
I’m like a little doggy, putting socks in my mouth.

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