4 month checkup!

Adelyn is 4 months old and she is one growing sprout! She weighs 12lbs 4ozs (25th percentile) and she’s 24 inches long (45th percentile). Adelyn had to get another round of immunizations today (3 shots and an oral) so that wasn’t fun. Unfortunately they were out of one of the shots, so she only got 2 of the shots and the oral… this means we have to go back within the next few days so she can get the last needle. It’s not fair to the poor little peanut! She was very upset again (understandably) but she’s doing well now. The doc said we can try to give her a little bit of cereal if we want, although she probably won’t like it. She’s growing up so quickly. TOO quickly! Anyway, we bought a little box of rice cereal so we’ll probably give that a try tonight. I have a feeling that the doc is right and Addy won’t like it that much, but that’s okay. I like nursing her, it’s good bonding time for us 🙂 She is showing a lot of interest when we eat though, she follows our utensils from our plates to our mouths. It’s very cute!

Let’s see, what else… Adelyn almost rolled from her back to her front last night. She was so close, but her elbow was stuck and she couldn’t quite roll over it. She loves when we sing songs to her, especially “The three little fishies“. She plays her own version of peek-a-boo when she’s on her tummy and you’re down at her level: she looks up at you and then buries her head in her arms, hiding her little face. Looks up again, buries her face. Repeat as desired 🙂 Annnnd, she’s just precious! End of story! Hehehehe. We love our girl.


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