Zivney Grandparents come for a visit.

Gram Z and Pops Zivney came to visit us in Cypress Aug 28-31, 2009 when Adelyn was 3 mos, 2 weeks old. They last saw Addy when she was 4 days old, so needless to say she had changed quite a bit!

Adelyn and her Pops

“Flying” with Momma

Momma loves baby

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Lo came to visit briefly too!

The beautiful painting my Uncle Bob painted for Adelyn. It is gorgeous!

Adelyn and her grandparents! She is going to be one spoiled little girl 🙂

Cute. Very cute.

Loves her daddy!

Having a bath after hanging out by the pool.

Pursing those lips!

Getting clean.

Daddy and Baby

Addy and Pops

Zivneys before they head back to Port St. Lucie, FL

Gram Z and Adelyn

Loves her grandparents


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