Trip to Austin and our collection of hummingbirds

We went to Austin for Labor Day weekend (last weekend). Mom and Dad pulled out our old high chair for Adelyn to sit in while we ate dinner. She’s still a wee bit small for it, so we stuffed blankets and pillows around her to keep her upright. Fun experience for her 🙂

We have a ton of hummingbirds flying around our hummingbird feeder right now. They must be getting ready to migrate, so they’re fattening up for the long trip. We’ve counted about 10 at once, and we’ve even caught 2 eating out of 1 flower a few times. Derek is refilling the feeder once a day, but we may even need to start doing it more than that because they’re sucking it dry. They’re cute little guys!

She loves Mortimer the Moose

Adelyn sitting up in the high chair, stuffed and lined with blankets. Notice how intently she is staring at her pacifier? She loves that thing.

Bath time in a big girl tub! Starfish pose.

Sleepy girl.

Good morning sleepy head!

Polite hummingbirds, each sitting on their own perch.

Trying to drink from someone else’s flower!

7 hummingbirds

They’re so cute!


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