Visiting family

This past weekend, we went to visit Derek’s aunt, uncle and Grandma. This was the first time they got meet Adelyn! We had an awesome weekend relaxing. We went swimming in Tina and Daryl’s pool, got to see Grandma Zivney on her 83rd birthday, played with Tina and Daryl’s two cats (Felix and Oscar). It was great!

Addy and her great aunt Tina!
Tina and Daryl meeting Adelyn.
She’s a sleepy girl.
Good morning!
We decided to put Adelyn on a floatie in their pool. Big yawn for a big girl!
We call this our “little old man” pose. She is too cute.
Great Aunt, Great Uncle and Adelyn
Relaxing on the floatie in the shade.
She had a good time!

Oscar and Felix having a snooze.
Derek, Great Grandma Zivney and baby Adelyn

Daryl and Addy having a conversation.
Great Grandma and Adelyn
I know the picture is blurry, I just love her face in this one!
Daddy and baby
Pretty girl in a blue dress!

Just hanging out before we head home.

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