We had a big moment yesterday on Adelyn’s 5 week anniversary!

She was sitting on the couch next to me, propped up in her boppy, busy grunting and wiggling. All of a sudden she started to coo. Not just her usual grunts, but actual talking noises! She was staring at me and cooing, so I started copying the noises she made back to her.

And then she smiled at me.

An honest-to-goodness, you-make-me-happy smile. It’s not the first time she’s smiled (heck, she’s been smiling since the day after she was born), but this time was different because she focused her eyes right on me, cooed, and smiled. It was so beautiful, it brought me to tears. Because she’s growing up very quickly. Because she’s learning to communicate. And because she is truly starting to recognize me, both my face and my voice. Derek heard her coo last night, but hasn’t seen her big smile yet. I’m betting that by this weekend he will have seen her do it too because she sure loves her Daddy.

Adelyn watching the monkeys that hang over her pack ‘n play this morning.

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