Our 1 year anniversary

Yesterday was my and Derek’s 1st wedding anniversary! We drove to College Station in the evening and went to Messina Hof (a delicious restaurant and winery) for dinner. My sisters were kind enough to babysit for us šŸ™‚ I had roasted lamb with potatoes and asparagus, and Derek had a Mediterranean mixed grill of veal, lamb and steak. Dinner was accompanied by a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon and followed by New York style cheesecake (for him) and tuxedo cheesecake (for her). The entire meal was simply heavenly. This was our first outing without Adelyn and by the end of the night we were anxious to get home to hold her, but we knew Kim and Mikaela would do a great job taking care of her – they are experienced babysitters. šŸ™‚ Thanks, Mikaela, for letting us stay in your apartment with you!

When we got home tonight, we broke out the top tier of our wedding cake and had a piece. It has been frozen since our wedding, and oh my gosh, it tasted as good now as it did one year ago! Delicious! Absolutely delightful. We will definitely enjoy having dessert for the next week or so as we finish it up. Wish I could learn how to bake a cake this tasty…

The lovely flowers that my husband got me for our anniversary.
Auntie Mikaela and Adelyn
Not too sure about being left alone with babysitters for the first time…
Googly eyes! Haha, they look a little crossed, don’t they?
Before heading out to dinner
Family photo
Family photo
Derek enjoying the wine
Lindsay enjoying the tuxedo cheesecake
Nice sunset
Mikaela and Adelyn
Sweet little peanut. Need to remove the red eye…
“I’m cute, Mom. Take my picture.” That’s what she told me šŸ™‚

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