1 Week Old!

Adelyn is now one week old with a couple eventful moments today. That had to be the fastest week of my life. I just pray that the rest of our moments together don’t go by this fast!

It was a very relaxing weekend for Adelyn, Lindsay, and I. My parents, Pops and Gram Z came in Friday from Florida to see their granddaughter for the first time. The new family got plenty of time to relax as the new grandparents took over the fort. I am really happy that they got to come and see their granddaughter while she was less than a week old. I wish we had more time together as a family before they left this morning to go back home. Adelyn misses all the funny faces and noises that Pops was creating which made her smile.
Before leaving, Lindsay’s mom, Grandma Lo arrived so Adelyn and Lindsay wouldn’t miss a second of being pampered. Unfortunately¬†for me, I had to return to work this morning for the first time since Adelyn was born so I didn’t get to be around for all the action today.
Grandma Lo, Lindsay, and I have all been blessed by the fountain of youth today. Grandma Lo was the first to experience this fountain of youth as Adelyn peed on her while changing her diaper. Usually baby boys do this so it caught everyone off guard. Later in the day, when we thought everything was settling down, her umbilical cord fell off! So now she just a little stub of where it once was. As Lindsay changed her diaper later in the afternoon, Lindsay was also blessed by the fountain of youth. This was crazy since it happened twice in one day. Once I got home this evening, Grandma Lo and Lindsay told me about the eventful afternoon. Now I see why I was next in line to change Adelyn’s diaper. As luck had it, I too was blessed by the fountain of youth! Yes, three people have been doused by Adelyn today. Crazy.
Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend with the grandparents and bathtime.


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