Our “nursery”

Today, our “nursery” is finally finished! To recap, we had ordered a dresser from Target and they ended up shipping us the wrong one, so we sent it back and they were going to ship us the correct piece. Well, that never happened. They kept delaying our order, pushing it back and pushing it back. The revised order (read: AFTER they delivered the wrong piece) was placed April 21, and they said we would receive the correct piece between April 26-28th, then May 5th-7th, then May 14-16th). We decided “enough is enough” and cancelled the order, and ordered a different dresser from J.C. Penney. Seriously, it was here in no time – I ordered it 5 days ago and Derek picked it up today. We got free shipping to the store 2 miles from our house, and it came pre-assembled (except for the knobs, which we put on ourselves). It is BEAUTIFUL, I’m so happy things worked out this way because I actually prefer this dresser to the one from Target 🙂

So now everything is set up! Of course, it’s all in our bedroom, that’s why I said “nursery”. Baby won’t get its own nursery until we move into our own house (August, hopefully!). I’m just thrilled with the crib and dresser and now I officially feel prepared to have this little one join us.

Derek putting the knobs on Baby’s dresser!
Ta Da! Putting away the few articles of clothing we have.
Proud Pappa
Our “nursery”, all we need is Baby!

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