Dr.’s appointment today. Any progress?

None. Zip. Rien. Nada. How depressing is that? I thought for sure I’d be dilated a bit more or something. I was having contractions every 10-20 mins yesterday, cramping, etc. but it all went away overnight.

When I got to my appointment today, the waiting room was full of pregnant ladies, all waiting their turn. I overheard one lady say that she had been waiting for 1.5 hrs… I was not looking forward to that. Amazingly, I sat there for only 30 mins before I was called back. I was even taken ahead of 3 or 4 other women who had been waiting there for awhile. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty far along in my pregnancy? Who knows, but I definitely appreciated it. Especially because the receptionist and one other pregnant lady were hacking and coughing like they had the flu. I better not catch anything! But seriously, the receptionist should know better than to come to work sick when 99% of your patients are pregnant. Just my opinion.

Anyway, I saw the nurse practitioner today. After looking at my fundal height and everything else, she guesses that Baby will be about 6.5-7 lbs. That’s what I guess too since Derek and I were both under 7 lbs when we were born. She suggested bringing at least 1 premie outfit to the hospital because even though they look small, the newborn sized outfits are in fact pretty big on newborn babies… that is, unless you have a 9lb kid (which we doubt we will).

I guess that’s about it for now! I will leave you with a list because I like lists.

Things I want/need to do before Baby gets here:
– buy a Baby Book so we can start writing down memories right away
– get a pedicure (or have Derek do my toes… 🙂 My feet and hands have been pretty swollen, so it would feel great to have them pampered)
– stock up on books and movies (so I have something to watch/read while nursing)
– make sure the fridge/pantry is filled with food so we don’t have to go grocery shopping right after Baby is born
– sleep
and, most importantly,
– spend some quality one-on-one time with my husband before we become a family of three 🙂


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