Dr.’s Appointment

Hello again, time to update about today’s doctor’s appointment!

I only had to wait about 10-15 minutes in the waiting room this time (thank goodness). All measurements looked good, Baby was a wiggle worm, moving around. Dr. said I’m still only a fingertip dilated, but I’m 80% effaced and my cervix is “pretty soft”. She also said that Baby’s head is definitely getting low (dropped) and she can feel the pressure I’ve been feeling on my cervix (don’t ask me how, I’m not sure how it all works…) She suggested I start walking every night to help things along. As we were finishing up she goes “Well, at this point, anything can happen. If you’re still pregnant, I’ll see you next week!”. I was shocked. HOW EXCITING!!!!!!! I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but still… I’m feeling crampy from the internal exam (normal, I guess) and it’s such a nice day out, I think I may go relax by the pool! Gotta get a little color back on these pasty legs and arms.

Oh ya, and I made it home JUST in time to catch the UPS guy about to get back in his truck (he came by to pick up the dresser). Now the wrong dresser is on its way back to the store, and we just have to wait for the right dresser to be delivered. It better get here soon!

It’s a good day 🙂


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