Also this weekend…

We were in Bryan, TX for another wedding (it’s wedding season, that’s for sure)! This time it was for one of Derek’s fellow firefighters, Joe, and he and his fiancee Christina got married in the fire station! Derek was Joe’s bestman and did a great job keeping Joe focused and relaxed. It was pretty neat, seeing them get married in the station. As they were departing after the wedding, Joe and Christina rode away on the back of one of the fire trucks, just like in the movie “Ladder 49”. Very cool idea!

At the wedding, we got to visit with our friends Mike and Billie, who just had a baby boy 4 weeks ago (I mentioned them on the blog right after little Daniel was born). Mike was one of Derek’s groomsmen at our wedding, and he’s also a firefighter too. I spent lots of time talking with Billie, quizzing her about being a new mom, and what was even more fun, I got to spend some quality time holding baby Daniel!!!! He is just so cute 🙂 And such a good baby too, very relaxed. I got some great advice from Billie and I’m more excited than ever for Baby to arrive. Pictures below!!

Joe, the groom, and one of his step-daughters, Lexie.

Joe and Christina, cutting the cake!

Holding little baby Daniel, getting to know each other. In just a few short weeks, we’ll be doing this with our own little Baby!

Parents-to-be with Daniel. Note that the pregnant belly also acts as a nice arm rest. 🙂

Bride and Groom’s first dance

A la “Ladder 49”, the newlyweds rode on the back of a firetruck to where Joe’s personal truck was parked.

Close-up shot of the newlyweds!

Sleeping baby.

Hudson (Daniel’s big brother), 2 yrs old. Now that is a devilish grin!

Billie and Hudson, having a good time!

This is what Billie and Mike call Hudson’s “Cheese” face. Too cute!!

Hudson and Mike

Hudson, “Cheese” face, and the firetruck


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