My tummy hurts

Haven’t been feeling so hot lately (literally and figuratively). The joys of being pregnant, I guess. I’m feeling large and rotund, despite Derek insisting that I’m not. I’ve had indigestion the past few days (probably TMI), and today I’m getting stomach cramps too. I had my doctor’s appointment this morning so I brought it up, and she said it could be a combination of things – maybe the new prenatal vitamins I’ve started taking recently, maybe a bit of stomach virus, maybe gallbladder problems (What?! apparently gallbladers don’t drain well during pregnancy and crystals/stones can form). She suggested I watch the amount of fried foods, spicy foods and dairy products I eat to see if the cramps go away (hmmm, maybe this will help me feel better about my appearance!). Apparently it’s a fairly common thing, gallstones in pregnant women. Blah. Besides that, Baby looks great, heartrate is 160 bpm. Baby had the hiccups while I was sitting in the doctor’s office, but I felt too sick and uncomfortable to enjoy the sensation. Man, sometimes I just feel like such a whiner. Anyway, I’m staying home today to relax and recupperate. Nova is so happy, she jumped up on my belly to sit with me. She loves having someone to keep her company at home.

I’ve been listening to this pretty singing outside so I just turned and looked on our patio, and there’s a beautiful purple finch sitting on our hummingbird feeder! It looks like he can’t figure out how to drink from the feeder though, poor little guy. Spring is definitely here – birds are building nests, trees and flowers are blooming. It’s just lovely. Even my tummy is in bloom (Father of the Bride II, anyone?).

Happy side note: The wife of one of Derek’s groomsmen/firefighting buddies had a baby boy yesterday, about 3 weeks early I think! His name is Daniel Wade (precious!) and he’s perfectly healthy. He’s the first in a series of babies that are due this year for the fire department (next in line is us, then a new recruit and his fiancee). It’s funny, last year the fire department had 3 or 4 weddings, this year it’s all about the babies šŸ™‚


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