Hormones. What would I do without them?

I had a quick Doctor’s appointment today, just for the usual checkup.  The doctor says everything is looking great and I passed my glucose test with flying colors (thank goodness)!  When the nurse came in to take my blood pressure and listen to Baby’s heartbeat, she’d barely put the doppler on my belly before Baby’s heartbeat was blasting over the speakers.  It’s so great to hear how strong and fast it was.  I’ll have to get Derek to try listening to my belly with the stethoscope tonight.

Hormone story of the week:
Last night when Derek came home, I was crying on the couch.  Why?  Because I was watching “Quintessential” on Discovery Health and the family was having quintuplets by C-section.  The babies were just the most precious things I’d ever seen – so tiny, with their skinny little arms and legs outstretched.  Seeing how tiny, helpless and miraculous each baby was just made me so excited for the birth of our little Baby, so I started to cry.  Oh, hormones.  Poor Derek must think I’m crazy.
And in terms of Baby updates… I can barely see my feet now unless I tilt forward 🙂  And I can now feel Baby moving when I’m standing up and walking around.

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