Back to Houston

Hello again!  Derek and I got back to Houston early this evening after a great weekend in Virginia.  Let’s see what we’ve done since I last updated…
Sunday morning, we went to church with Lindsay and then we all had lunch at a fun Mexican restaurant, La Tolteca.  We spent part of the afternoon visiting with the Zivney’s family friends before coming home and relaxing for a bit.  Lindsay and her best friend Ashley came over for dinner, and we grilled some delicious steaks (even though it was only about 35 degrees out!).  It started to snow shortly after the girls left and it kept coming down all night… by this morning, we had gotten about 5-7 inches of snow and it was 22 degrees when we woke up!  It was so cool to wake up to a white world.  Last time I’d seen that was, oh, about 9 yrs ago when we moved down to Texas from Canada. Derek, Dan and I spent some time outside, shoveling and snow-blowing the snow off the driveway.  Well, that’s what Derek and Dan did, I just spent the time playing 🙂
Baby was pretty quiet all weekend, perhaps because of all the unfamiliar voices and noises.  It worried me a bit but last night it started to move more and today it was pretty active too, so that was reassuring.  It even had the hiccups again when I woke up this morning.  Baby is currently kicking and scuttling around in my belly, happy to be home and happy to see little Nova.  Nova was so glad when Derek and I came back!  She must have been lonely with no one to cuddle with.  Poor girl.
All in all, we had a really fun weekend!  This was essentially our last trip to the D.C. area since Derek’s parents are moving to Florida next weekend, and it was a great one.  So nice to see snow, nice to see their home one last time, etc.  We can’t wait to start visiting them in Florida from now on!

Zivney family picture. L to R:  Derek, Nancy, Lindsay, Dan, Lindsay (and Baby!)

Corny “Prom” pose 🙂  We’re silly.

What we woke up to this morning.  Check out that snow!


No throwing snowballs at the pregnant lady!

Derek working so hard, shoveling the driveway.

Working on the snow-blower.


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