Happy Valentine’s Day!

Derek and I had a very nice day.  We went to College Station to visit with my parents and sisters, had a nice lunch at Chili’s, spent some time hanging out at my sisters’ apartments and then came back home.  We ordered a pizza for dinner and now we’re trying to decide what movie we want to watch, so altogether it was a very nice relaxing Valentine’s Day!
Oh ya, we had an interesting experience at lunch.  As we were leaving Chili’s, my sister Kim noticed that something was smoking in the back of one of the pickup trucks parked nearby.  So she called Derek over to investigate (good thing the volunteer firefighter was nearby!), and Derek pulled 3 items out of the bed – a pair of pants, a balled up rag and a pair of underwear (I know, weird)….  They were all smoking and soon after Derek put them on the ground, the pants literally burst into flames.  It was the weirdest thing!  A Chili’s host came out and took down the license plate to make an announcement and soon the truck owner came to check on his belongings.  Turns out he is a welder, so we’re guessing that the balled up rag must have been oily and then combusted.  It was pretty crazy.  Good thing Kim spotted it!
Well that’s about it.  I’ve posted a few pictures below from the last night and today.  Enjoy 🙂

Lindsay and Nova, pretending not to pay attention to each other.

Sisters feeling the baby!  Kim, Lindsay and Mikaela.

Is the baby kicking??  Kim felt a good strong kick, Mikaela only felt a moderate one.

The precious giraffe that my parents gave us for Baby’s nursery, and the beautiful roses Derek bought me from Valentine’s Day.  My parents found the giraffe at a Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, AZ.  It was made in Thailand using a hollowed out coconut.  So cute!

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