Swimming babies and guard cats

Check out this amazing video:

It’s incredible!  Both Derek and I think that it is very important to teach our kids to be comfortable around the water starting at an early age.  To see this infant roll over and float is very impressive, and even though he cried/hollered a bit, he looked pretty relaxed (skip to 2:20 if you find it difficult to watch-it’s really not that bad!).  And the little guy looks so happy when his Dad picked him up out of the water at the end 🙂

In other news, Derek and I were sitting on the couch last night and he was listening to my tummy with his stethoscope again, but instead of hearing baby kick, he saw my belly jump.  A LOT.  Baby gave a nice big kick just to say hi to Dad. 🙂  He also rested his head on my belly later and Baby gave him a little kick in the ear.  I’m glad Derek is getting to experience the exciting parts of the pregnancy now – not just coming home to a wife with an expanding waistline and a huge appetite.  Ugh.
Our cat, Nova, has been so funny around me lately, especially tonight.  Every time I get up from the couch to use the restroom or go to the kitchen or whatnot, she gets up from her spot next to me (where she’s been sleeping), follows me to wherever I’m going and then sits by my feet, looking around.  When I’m ready to go back to the living room, I pick her up and carry her back to the couch where she lays back down and goes right back to sleep.  She does the same when I shower, she sits in the bathroom and looks out the door.  She used to do that occasionally before I got pregnant, but now she’s doing it more than ever – she must be able to sense there’s a little something growing in my belly.  She’s also been sleeping on my lap with her head on my tummy.  Baby even kicked a few times right where Nova was resting today, but either Nova didn’t feel it, or she is just used to being disturbed a lot while she’s sleeping.    What a sweet kitty she is, guarding her Mom and little brother or sissy!

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  1. Sawyer does that all the time!I think it’s definitely a protective thing… That or they just don’t want to be alone.Either way, what a sweetie, Miss Nova. Make sure the baby saves up a few kicks for when I see you next!

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