Oh how our baby grows…

Hello everyone!
We had our 3rd ultrasound appointment and my doctor’s checkup today, and things look great. Baby was laying face down with its legs near my lungs and very stubbornly refused to let us get a good look at its face until the ultrasound tech made me empty my bladder and then, voila!, baby turned its head just enough for us to get a quick look. It looked like a little alien ghost. 🙂 The tech basically collected all the measurements she needed, and she said everything looked on track. Baby’s heartrate was a steady 167 bpm, and based on measurements Baby weighs 1 lb. 1 whole pound! It was fun to watch the ultrasound monitor because I could see and feel Baby kicking at the same time. Very exciting stuff!

Back during our 2nd ultrasound, they discovered that I had a low-lying placenta covering part of my cervix. They said that it was nothing to worry about yet; for most women with low-lying placentas, as the uterus continues to grow, the placenta moves with it away from the cervix (if it it’s still covering the cervix by delivery-time, they have to schedule a c-section). This was part of the reason why they scheduled a 3rd ultrasound (to check my placenta location) and luckily when they checked today, my placenta had moved up and was no longer covering my cervix! Woo hoo!

In terms of the constant headache/migraines that I mentioned last night, the doc said it may be related to my blood pressure (which was raised slightly higher than normal for me today). I’ve got to make sure I keep calm so I don’t get “pregnancy-induced hypertension”. Yikes!

We’ve added the sonogram pictures below.

Baby’s spine (looks like railroad tracks!) and head, face down.

Baby’s foot, toes pointed to bottom right.
Looking straight down at baby’s head, note the two ears!! Like little flowers to the left and right 🙂
Baby’s face and belly! Baby is looking at us, laying on its side. Note little black eye socket.
Baby laying on its side, looking at us. Again, you can see it’s little eye sockets.
Derek says our baby is just beautiful and I agree! 🙂 We get to go back for a growth ultrasound when I’m 32 weeks, so we’ll get to see Baby one more time before delivery. Apparently it will look much cuter, with baby fat on its little face and in its cheeks. Can’t wait.

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