Nesting time?

Baby sure is moving around a lot!  I could feel Baby wiggling and kicking away when I was sitting in my office today.  It’s a wonderful, reassuring feeling 🙂  Derek has been able to feel the movements on several different occasions, and two nights ago he said it felt like there was a mixer in my belly – he could feel the baby swimming all over.  Can’t wait to see Baby again in just a few weeks on the ultrasound!

School has started back up for me, and Derek is back at work.  It’s so hard to believe our Christmas vacation flew by so quickly!  We had a great time visiting and spending time with both sides of our family.  We saw my parents and sisters, my Grandma (she drove all the way to Austin from Tucson, AZ), Derek’s Grandparents,and his parents and sister (who flew to TX from VA).  It was just like a mini family reunion!
Even though I’m only halfway through the pregnancy (only?!  It feels like we just found out yesterday!!), I’m already starting to feel the need to “Nest”.  I wish we could start decorating a nursery, but unfortunately we need to wait until we move into a house (we can’t paint the walls in our apartment).   We received some really cute baby gifts for Christmas – a silver musical carousel (shown above), a Snugli baby carrier, a baby swing and a basket filled with rattles, toys and blankets… things that would look great displayed in a nursery 🙂  First things first though, we need to start researching cribs, car seats and strollers.  We don’t want to be pressed for time at the end of the pregnancy!
I guess that’s all for now.  More updates as they come.

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